I love women-led companies

Everything points to the fact that the right hemisphere, which has a higher proportion of gray matter, is more developed in women. This facilitates them to have a much more advanced ability for verbal expression.

They also process information better, and in a faster way.

They are more direct, more detailed, less bellicose and have less need to compete and feed their ego than most men.

But one of the characteristics that I like most professionally about women is their ability to create communities and make them grow, establishing relationships based on trust and kindness.

Confidence and a lack of need to compete makes your company structures flatter, less hierarchical, friendlier, and therefore much faster, more agile, and more efficient.

Statistically, in women-led countries there are fewer wars, and more community awareness. The foundation of sustained and sustainable prosperity is based on collaboration, not competition. This will be the companies that succeed in the 21st century.

The female guides, possibly for everything they have had to fight to obtain a leadership position, combining it with all the other personal tasks that are required of them, are much more facilitators of flexible hours, family reconciliation, teleworking and many other aspects that derive from confidence and that increase the happiness of people at work.

A few days ago I was shocked to read that in 70% of Catalan companies there are no women in management positions. We still have to evolve a lot at the level of consciousness in our country.

If you are an entrepreneur and need a good leader, do not hesitate to take into account a feminine position to guide the professionals of your company.

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