Companies that work

One of the aspects that most differentiates companies that work from those that do not, is the relationship between ownership and trust.

If the entrepreneur has worked values, it will take them to the DNA of the company. Throughout my career, I have been able to verify that the majority of successful companies have had the ability to project their DNA and their passion for the entire company.

They are organizations that tend to have fairly flat structures. The managers and the owner himself are very close, they get used to chatting, and the bureaucracy is almost non-existent. All this because trust exists.

Flat organizations help us not to have a heavy structure, favor communication, eliminate the cumbersome part of hierarchies, they are cheaper, more accessible, and above all much faster. And you know that fast fish eats slow fish.

Close managers and owners are an unequivocal symptom of security, tranquility, closeness, and expertise. These are all values ​​that help us generate good weather in our companies. Information tends to flow in abundance.

We do not need bureaucracy, because it was invented to control processes and people that were not trusted. From my time at MANGO, I remember that I often reviewed projects with their owner, who would tell me: “buy 200,000 units of this item” and leave.

A quick mental calculation showed me that we were talking about a purchase of 4 million Euros.

The first time, a chill ran through my spine at the thought: “I really hope that his calculation does not fail … and that he remembers that he was the one who asked to buy them.” With the passage of time, I already knew that there were never problems, because there was a relationship of trust.

First, of himself. He remembered perfectly all the conversations, everything he had indicated to buy, what, how much and why. And then, him with me. If 200,000 had been purchased there was a compelling reason.

The opposite extreme are companies in which I have seen that it takes 3 or even 4 signatures to make an order, because nobody trusts anyone.

I’m not telling you that in order for your company to work, you have to unleash all your staff.

You must find your own recipe and your own dimension. The one that works for you. But it must be based on trust.

And how do you get trust in organizations? Hiring the right people. If you surround yourself with talent, you will not have to invest your time in controlling your teams, but you can dedicate yourself to managing the system.

If your natural tendency is to mistrust everything, it will be very difficult for your company to work like a clock and for the work environment to be good in it. Logically, you can be suspicious of someone with whom you were wrong when hiring him.

You have to fix it as soon as possible. But if your tendency is to distrust everything and everyone, surely you have a problem with trust in relationships and you transport it to the professional field.


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