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All the companies in exponential growth that I have come across in my professional career have the same obstacles that prevent them from being more EFFICIENT: management function gaps, inadequate buying policies, uncompetitive prices, an inefficient supply infrastructure that is either too big or too small, problems with delivery times, room for improvement in terms of cost effectiveness by using more competitively priced and more convenient manufacturing locations, and a lack of expansion strategies.

We can help you to make your company  more PROFITABLE.

We have more than 25 years of experience working as specialists in Operations Management. We will focus EXCLUSIVELY ON YOUR PROJECT.

consulting services


  • Buying policy improvement studies and analysis
  • Significant cost reductions
  • A wider range of service providers and suppliers
  • An improvement in manufacturing processes
  • Faster delivery times
  • Expansion and strategy management
  • Quality management
  • After sales
  • Logistics


  • Analysis and improvement proposals for specific departments as well as for all the organization.
  • Identifying management gaps
  • The identification and proposal of necessary projects to maximize profits.
  • Support and assessment when carrying out aforementioned projects, if required.
  • Strategic growth planning


  • Implementation of high performance teams
  • Staff training programs
  • Leadership and Human Resources development
  • Motivation, communication and intercultural management


We can assist you in manufacturing your products in countries that offer more competitive production costs and provide a competitive market gateway (Eastern Europe, Asia).

  • We can find for you the best manufacturing plant to suit your needs
  • We can help you to get your project started


We help you to find suppliers for your products abroad, above all in Asia and Eastern Europe. This will give you a clear head start on your competitors.


CEO and Founder

Toni Orts

A business professional with more than 25 years of experience in the leadership of multicultural, multi-skilled teams nationally and worldwide in countries like China,Turkey and Lithuania to name but a few. Highly qualified with an outstanding track record in achieving results and coordinating high performance teams. He has extensive experience in the management of Human Resources in Europe and Asia along with a comprehensive working knowledge of international business.

our clients


  • Presentation of the projects carried out for the improvement of the Operations and Production of Etnia Barcelona SL during their Global Sales Meeting. Barcelona, 2018
  • Business meeting with the CEO of Vitra. Vitra House, Weil am Rhein, Switzerland, 2015
  • Commercial installation for MANGO, Istanbul, 2008
  • Collaboration with Spanish multinational mannequin manufacturer, Barcelona, 2016
  • 150 projects developed in parallel to improve the efficiency of Etnia Barcelona, SL (eyewear producer and distributor), Barcelona, 2017-2019
  • Magnum Pop Up Store installation Supervision in Lisbon, 2016
  • Price reduction by -35% with the incorporation of new suppliers, Shenzhen, China 2019
  • Factory selection and support in the process for outsourcing a part of the production of a Galician furniture manufacturer. Improvement of cost prices, greater productive capacity, better market penetration. Lutsk, Ukraine, 2016
  • Working meetings with the Executive Board of Etnia Barcelona for the development of the company's Strategic Growth Plan with the objective of doubling the turnover from 65 to 120 MEUR in 5 years, Spain 2018
  • Workplace of the sculptor in charge of the models production for the new mannequins designed by MANGO in 2012, thanks to which an annual savings of 1MEUR was obtained during 2012 and 2013. Barcelona, 2012
  • Production of fictional surfboards for a Pull and Bear Window Display, Galicia, 2015
  • Curious meeting room in New Delhi that was perfect for the intense price negotiation we had for a spanish furniture manufacturer. 2MEUR annual savings thanks to this project. India, 2010
  • The more adversity the more we keep fighting! At -20 degrees C in Lithuania signing a contract for Spanish retail company, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2010.
  • About to take off to India to help our clients achieve their dreams, Munich, 2011
  • Last retouches to the presentation of our audit to a furniture manufacturer in Madrid, 2016
  • My dear team in China for more than 10 years. Shanghai, 2014
  • Quality control in a chinese mannequin factory for a spanish retailer. Zhongshan, China 2012
  • Spotlight tests for a spanish fashion company. Guangzhou, China, 2011
  • Technical discussion in an industrial furniture factory of the HMY group in Turkey, 2011
  • Paper bag factory in Slovenia. Price negotiation, cost and delivery times reduction for a Spanish company, 2009
  • Samples for Desigual, India, 2015
  • Negotiation and Hanger production contract signature for aSpanish fashion company at incredible prices, Guilin, China, 2005
  • 080 Parade for Desigual, Barcelona, 2014
  • Manufacture of high quality furniture at a much lower price than this Spanish fashion retail company used to buy. Guangzhou, China 2007
  • Sourcing of suppliers for the production of graphic canvases for Spanish fashion company. Great savings for this firm. Barcelona, 2016
  • Commercial installation for small Spanish fashion company. Barcelona, 2014
  • Skateboard factory for Spanish company. Wenzhou, China 2015
  • Hanger factory Quality control. One million units per year produced for MANGO. Guilin, China, 2007

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Mas de Xaxars 12, 2-1
08328- Alella (Barcelona) (Spain)

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head office

Mas de Xaxars 12, 2-1
08328- Alella (Barcelona) (Spain)
(+34) 667 40 38 05

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