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Companies that work

One of the aspects that most differentiates companies that work from those that do not, is the relationship between ownership and trust. If the entrepreneur has worked values, it will take them to the DNA of the company. Throughout my career, I have been able to verify that the majority of successful companies have had […]

I love women-led companies

Everything points to the fact that the right hemisphere, which has a higher proportion of gray matter, is more developed in women. This facilitates them to have a much more advanced ability for verbal expression. They also process information better, and in a faster way. They are more direct, more detailed, less bellicose and have […]

General direction and interim management

All crises are moments of opportunity for companies that want to make the leap. The current moment may be the ideal to make a definitive rethink towards a more consolidated, better structured project and, therefore, with more benefits, which will give us more probabilities of lasting over time. If we want to give a new […]