General direction and interim management

All crises are moments of opportunity for companies that want to make the leap. The current moment may be the ideal to make a definitive rethink towards a more consolidated, better structured project and, therefore, with more benefits, which will give us more probabilities of lasting over time.

If we want to give a new boost to our situation, a very interesting option is that of an Interim General Director, who can carry out this mission for a certain period agreed with the contracting company, analyzing the current situation of the company and developing an action plan. that guarantees a competitive improvement. Depending on the size and degree of professionalization of the company, the duration of this type of mission usually lasts between 12 and 24 months.

Interim managers are becoming fashionable (in the USA they are around 40% of managerial positions and in Northern Europe 25%). If this is so, it is due to the great flexibility it provides to contracting companies. The Interim are senior professionals, with an experience of over 20 years in large projects, who provide great knowledge, great security in achieving objectives and a good return on investment, since they have developed projects like yours previously in various companies. , and best of all, you will know the cost in advance. This cost may be well within the budget of companies, who may not be able to afford to pay a 6 figure salary to a CEO of their own.

The company, thanks to the collaboration with an interim, receives a monthly invoice, instead of swelling its structure with a high fixed cost to which is added another that must also be taken into account, such as that of Social Security.

The company profile that contracts this type of services are usually medium-sized companies in any sector and they need these profiles to professionalize different departments.

The projects are developed by consensus with the property of the company. The Interim professional first performs an AS / IS analysis (how the company is currently doing) to later develop a TO / BE (where we want to be at the end of the process agreed for our mission). The priority of the projects to attack is also agreed jointly, and the Interim Executive is in charge of their development and implementation.

Another advantage of hiring an Interim is that it must guarantee that everything developed must continue to function on its way.

At the General Management level, any company that wants to take a leap must work in an excellent way the points that I summarize below:

The company’s management: Having a management team fully prepared to lead an ambitious growth project that positions us where we want. Characteristics that this equipment must have. Human structure of society.

DNA of the firm: 80% of the success of companies lies in defining and applying a good culture. Most successful companies have had the ability to project their DNA and passion throughout their organization. They are used to having fairly flat structures, the managers and also the owner are close and accessible and the bureaucracy is almost non-existent because they are based on trust. Do you know what your current DNA is? What is the DNA you want to create your successful company? Do you get the performance you need? Do you know how to apply it?

Company strategy: Having a strategy for success at 3, 6, 12, 24 and 36 months, writing it, and having everyone in the organization, from the first to the last, have it internalized, marks a line between companies They survive and excellent companies.

Having clear and achievable objectives, having the necessary talent to develop them, knowing how we can achieve them, what we need to achieve and, above all, what mistakes we should not make. Have an exceptional training policy, both face-in (staff) and face-out (customers).

Be clear that our niche is that of quality, service, closeness to the customer, innovation, design, obsession with adding value and eliminating everything that does not contribute, since we will not be able (nor should we) compete for price with markets such as China, Turkey, etc.

The people: Having the right people, doing without the wrong ones and putting the right people in the right positions should be the obsession of every owner. Talent is priceless and instead has a fast and high return on investment.

If we have the right people, we can focus on managing our organization, and not on having to control what our teams do.

The right people want to be part of a winning team, contribute to generating tangible, visible results. When people start to feel a fresh air, they are infected with optimism, they get closer to success and they push with us.


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